Brasília Revisited


Brasília, Brazil's planned architectural capital, is a combination of design efforts from Oscar Niemeyer, Lucio Costa, and Burle Marx. The visionary city is full of sweeping curves and unique forms bound together by long expanses of parks and fountain-filled pools. Bruno Candiotto's photo series, Brasília, captures the sublime nature of the city's architecture, accurately portraying the capital as a place that inspires greatness, admiration, and imagination.

Candiotto's photos are simply mesmerising. The images display endless patterns of glass and bold concrete trajectories, all perfectly framed against an overcast sky or reflected in an expanse of wet stone. I am particularly attracted to the photograph of the cathedral. Angled so the top portion rises dramatically above the viewer, the picture announces this structure as the architectural crown atop Brazil's king city.

Brasília is home to some of the world's most remarkable buildings. The abstract schemes and monumental scale make these modern structures noteworthy to any design enthusiast. Candiotto successfully tips his hat to the designers of Brasília while establishing himself as a distinguished architectural photographer.

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