Just imagine Scandinavian minimalism, Japanese precision, French elegance and Italian leather coming together in one collection of beautiful accessories. To achieve such a productive merger, it might be necessary to have an outside view, just like Budapest-based designer AGNESKOVACS has.

Her current collection goes by the name of LIÉ, which is a French word indicating the interesting play of folding and connection. And not only does AGNESKOVACS layer manyfold cultural design influences, the items themselves are also each made of a single piece of leather which is carefully layered into folds. Inspired by Japanese joinery techniques and folding methods, she designs bags and accessories that look brand new while avoiding any artisanal nostalgia. I’m amazed that design based on traditional crafts and consistent reduction can look so fresh and unseen.

Photographer György Károlyi_Flashback
Hair Márk Károlyi
Make up Tímea Vozák
Styling Dóra Bellák

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