Beoplay M3 Speaker

industrial design

Bang & Olufsen has always impressed with its range of multiform wireless speakers and B&O Play's latest offering in audio design is the small yet mighty minimalist Beoplay M3 speaker. Compact and powerful, M3 delivers a finely tuned audio experience that will fill any small to medium sized room with authentic B&O Signature Sound. M3 delivers sound quality that’s further enhanced by the finely engineered position of the woofer and a sculptured disperser. This way an even and perfectly distributed ambient sound is guaranteed. Additionally, you can use the M3 as a standalone speaker or as part of a multiform setup connecting through Bluetooth or Apple Airplay.

The aesthetic design of the M3 speaker is no less impressive. B&O has gone for a minimalist look with the speaker, with nothing to interrupt the clean lines of the main casing that features a soft shore polymer base, adding stability to the speaker and improving bass performance. Conceived by Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz, the wireless speaker is available in multiple options to match the simple silhouette of M3 to fit your interior style, with exchangeable covers in wool fabric or pearl blasted and anodised aluminium. The fabric covers are made by renowned Danish textile company Kvadrat.

Beoplay M3 is certainly an understated piece of audio design and will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to modest living spaces. And having experienced M3 for the past couple of weeks, it is mightily impressive and the all black finish looks particularly striking.

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