Elliptic House


A clever combination of contemporary Portuguese architecture, rooted on strong minimalism, alongside the dynamism of sculptural art is masterfully combined for Elliptic House. Mario Martins Atelier offers their expertise to create a visually demanding, but absolutely functional dwelling blessed with gorgeous views.

The oval shaped residence is a prime example of the ample possibilities a minimalist project can offer. In this case, geometry is ushered in with fluidity, and consequently, presents the inhabitants with a seamless experience between indoor and outdoor activities. New dynamics are encouraged for the daily life, from the social events possibly permeating the roof or the transitions between areas inside.

The visual compositions of the Elliptic House do not limit themselves to the circular shape; as sharp verticality is encouraged throughout. A surprising set of materials and textures are present, and even though it imprints a dynamic nature to the interior it never loses its cohesiveness.

Mario Martins Atelier offers a rich and interesting variation of Portuguese architecture. As the world pays more and more attention to the region's creations, it is clear its architects are keeping up with the demand.

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