PXG Flagship Store

Seoul, South Korea
Yongjoon Choi

South Korean spatial design studio WGNB has completed a flagship store in Seoul for golf brand PXG, featuring an achromatic material palette and a graphite-covered wall made in reference to the brand's golf clubs.

Rather than merely applying the material to every plane, we studied the characteristics of graphite itself. It is lighter than it appears and is an allotrope of carbon, like diamond. The graphite embeds calmness and humbleness. And, most importantly, it smudges.

Why it's important that the material smudges, we can only speculate. Maybe it adds some interesting yet subtle textures to the interior. Maybe they wanted to leave a lasting impression on the customer. No idea. A series of orthogonal volumes are suspended from the ceiling throughout the store to define various areas within the open-plan space and incorporate suspended rails for hanging apparel.

Made using powder-coated steel slats, the volumes help to create a sense of lightness and buoyancy within the interior that is further enhanced by the cantilevered display unit at the centre of the store. An abstract animation that ties in with the shop's visual language is displayed on the store's prominent media wall instead of commercial images.

In the shop