The work and design of New York-based footwear brand FEIT is deeply rooted in a fixed set of principles. And these principles come for a reason: FEIT founder Tull Price didn’t start his career with a minimalist high-end label providing what he calls neo luxury. Rather, he started off with a highly successful streetwear label, catering to young customers all around the world, back when the possibilities and promises of globalisation still largely went unquestioned. But Price soon realised the consequences of cost-cutting, and the short-sightedness of mass production. He sold his company, and started over with FEIT.

So that’s where the principles of the neo luxury brand stem from. But what are they?

They are about the integrity of construction, based on a timeless set of lasts, created by a master Italian last maker and based on skilful craftsmanship in hand sewing.

They are about materials in harmony with the individual and the earth. Leather hides are carefully sourced and treated naturally, components are made of cork, bamboo, natural rubber and other, different kinds of leather. This way, the shoes let your feet breathe, and wearing them barefoot is a real pleasure.

Now the design: It is guided by the construction and still it is absolutely unique in its appearance. The surface of the shoe will age with dignity, and the colours of the leather will match any individual style. FEIT shoes are made for people who care.

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