Liquid Triptychs


The Liquid Triptychs series by photographer Jonathan Knowles, illustrates that there are no boundaries between real and conceptual worlds. Jonathan Knowles is one of the leading photographers of his generation specialising in graphic still life, liquid and beauty. The work shows different forms which were created using liquid. In an experiment showing the difference that an alternative perspective can have on any object or situation, Triptychs shows the varying appearances of the same splash shot simultaneously from three different angles. The project is represented in a very minimalist way, highlighting the details of the shoot beautifully—the movement of the water, the splash and the close capture of the full process.

This project also represents the ability to animate, photograph, and show any material, which in this case is water, with a prehensile tendency through minimalism. Knowles' series also offers us to visualise the material, giving us the chance to see a simple form from a new and different perspective.

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