Barcelona Pavilion by Blackhaus


Blackhaus is a creative agency based in Brazil; with focus on the grand scheme of tackling a myriad of projects, from the contemporary to the old-school musings of modernism. With that in mind, they decided to explore the work of iconic architect Mies van der Rohe. The agency offers their 'remix' of the seminal building from 1929's International Exposition in Barcelona.

As the perfect stage to showcase Germany's perspective of architecture at the time. When geometry took the protagonist role alongside high-end technology, it was a bold and elegant statement from the architect. Blackhaus, with their approach, offers a stripped-down variance, subverting colours and conveying an interesting rhythm for each room. For each visual composition, the creative team managed to infuse a great deal of freshness to a well-known staple of architecture studies. Out goes the colourful marble-clad palette, and in comes a strong monochromatic presence.

The minimalist tone is a welcome variation for a much analysed project throughout the years. A true nod to Mies van der Rohe's genius and timeless quality.

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