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Kristina Krogh’s Sphere artwork is a thing of subtle and considered beauty. Utilising Hot Foil Printing, and the highest of quality materiality for her finished works, the resulting pieces are enviable space adornments. Her extensive portfolio of artworks that comprise her collection are of a similar vein in technique, but take on differing mood and atmospheric qualities. By using metallic elements in her work, she is able to engage with the surroundings of placement of each piece. Interactive qualities such as reflection, engagement with both natural and artificial light and also a sense of depth of field is so effortlessly, and cleverly created. She works with the interaction between light and dark, colour, contrast, and a combination of different materials and textures composed in geometric and clean compositions.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Krogh has access, through a sought after local partnership, to the highest quality printing press and metallic Foil Stamping techniques. Due to the access of high temperature presses, she is able to optimise industry quality standards in all of her pieces. Each piece is numbered and signed, and there are fixed runs of 200, or 400 per artwork in production. All pieces are either 70mm x 100mm or 50mm x 70mm in size. Sphere in particular is an interpretation of the natural phenomenon known as ‘Sort Sol’ that occurs in the marshlands in southwestern Jutland, Denmark. Sort Sol takes place in the hours just after sunset, the birds gather in large flocks and from huge formations in the sky just before they decide for a location to roost for the night.

With works in place to release a line of minimal and exclusive objects for the home in Spring / Summer 2017, Krogh is definitely one to watch. Not that its hard not to.

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