Agentur Loop


Brainstorming in the offices of Agentur Loop, an Austrian Digital Advertising agency, might be the pinnacle of envy for most if not all creative types. Headquartered in Salzburg, huge chalk board walls display and incubate ideas that are supplemented by a table football (foosball), an electric guitar corner, socializing in the bistro and lounge areas, an outdoor grill and even a supposed soft-serve ice cream machine. Digital Candyshop indeed. Yet the minimalistic interiors are portrayed elegantly with its clean, modern design using just black and white in the architectural finishes, the furniture and even in the toys and peripherals.

Full height walls of square glass blocks on the exterior let in a lot of light and give a sense of scale to the large open-plan commercial building where the agency resides in. Modular cushioned cubes of varying heights and adjustable configurations serve as seating within an interaction space, challenging the traditional form of communication that takes place with sofas or arm chairs. The supply of award-winning furniture designer Konstatin Grcic's Chair One in black furnishes the bistro, tying in a modern and clean socializing space.

In my opinion, short of a pool and a rock-climbing wall, the office has otherwise achieved a truly functional and inspiring minimalistic environment for a team that does really great digital advertising work. I wonder what their satellite offices in Copenhagen and Sydney look like. Images via Loop's Facebook page.

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