AÃRK Collective x Daniel Emma


Marble has had a strong presence in the relationship between minimalism and design. Now, all thanks to the collaboration between AÃRK Collective and Daniel Emma, you can finally wear it on your wrist.

AÃRK Collective, as notable watchmakers, have fused themselves with the creativity and simplicity of Daniel Emma, an Adelaide-based design studio, to produced an impeccable collection of marble-faced watches. Devoid of any time marks, the spectacle shifts from time itself to unique patterns of the encased marble. The collaborative effort produced two siblings: Carrara and Nero Black. With Carrara, grey leather straps complement the stainless steel casing to show off a sophisticated take on an everyday accessory. The blue second hand then is the needed factor to steer the wheel to a more lighthearted take. Almost the complete opposite, Nero Black registers viewers with its bold white on black patterns. The monolithic look of it gives a seriousness that entirely contrasts Carrara. Gold second hand with black casing strengthens its appearance for a masculinity that’s smooth and suave.

It is a fascinating time where we are able to test the versatility of materials. With this new set of products, AÃRK once again proved that they are ahead of the watchmaking industry. When I first laid eyes on Carrara, it was immediate love. Both of the siblings are now for sale on AÃRK's official website.

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