Mµ Chair

Peter Otto Vosding, Dirk Vosding
Peter Otto Vosding

“Was bleibt“ was the German working title of the Mμ Chair, designed by Cologne-based studio, VOSDING. It can be translated as “what remains” and emphasises the idea behind the project: what remains when we reduce the amount of material used to build a wooden chair to a minimum? The result is this elegant, ultra-lightweight, and comfortable chair. Lead designer, Peter Otto Vosding, explains:

The product was developed taking advantage of the characteristics of natural ash wood, we created an elastic seating surface and backrest that bend playfully and adapt to your body just in the moment when you take a seat and lean back. The sledge base supports this functionality.

Since the lateral parts of the frame are now part of the sledge base and not at the height of the seating surface any more, the whole frame can bend slightly to allow the flexible, thin wooden strips that form the seating surface to adapt to the human body. In addition, the material thickness at the backrest tapers to a minimum and can bend from its vertical position to a comfortable ten to twelve degrees tilted backrest. The plain, lightweight chair can be used for a variety of situations and is a perfect piece of furniture for the dining room because of its continuing comfort throughout a long sitting.

VOSDING Industrial Design is a German design studio founded by Peter Otto Vosding. He studied Industrial Design in Darmstadt, Product Design and Process Development in Cologne and went to Ingvar Kamprad Design Centrum (IKDC), Lund University in Sweden for an exchange semester on a scholarship from the IKEA foundation. During his studies he did internships at squareone GmbH in Düsseldorf and at kaschkasch cologne.

Mμ Chair is currently seeking a producer, which we sincerely hope is realised in the near future.

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