Aesop Grabenstraße


Aesop was founded in Melbourne, Australia back in 1987. With a focus on the diversity of human complexions, the brand has produced over 80 hair, skin and body care formulations. To celebrate the refined products that it has produced, Aesop unveiled a new store in Düsseldorf, Germany, designed by renowned architecture firm Snøhetta.

With the intention of connecting the inner space to the outer plaza Grabenstraße, the designers have placed a concrete sink in the middle of the store, mimicking a public landmark, further a public environment. Surrounding the spotlight are cascading shelves that display laboratory-like packaged products. The beige and minimal backdrop made of Douglas fir showcases Aesop products in a light that mirrors the public movements surrounding the plaza — free flows that circumambulate a central sculptural object. The dark brown bottles fluctuate in consistent heights, giving a pleasant visual to the customers. The store’s inner hue also carries outside, appearing on timber planter boxes that also act as a rest space for passersby — a very clever way to peak people’s interest.

While the overall atmosphere for the Düsseldorf store is clean and simple, details like the monolithic concrete mass and stepped display shelves add an exciting twist to Aesop, making it a gem amongst the usual beauty stores.

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