THIN Tables


Max Enrich is a Spanish designer who creates furniture and objects based on geometric, simple and clean shapes with a purely aesthetics intention to suggest something to the spectator. One example of his work is the THIN tables, designed for French interior brand Petite Friture. Max tells us:

It all started with the triangle table. It had a beautiful proportion to work as a single table, and could fit many living rooms. With that shape as a starting point, the concept to create a piece of furniture out of it was a feeling of strong lightness, so I chose to keep the top very thin, but with oversized legs.

In addition to the triangle table, striking square and rectangular tables were designed, all of which stand at different heights to create many combination possibilities. Legs and surfaces are made of steel and coated with grained epoxy paint and the collection is available in black, white, burgundy and blue.

I really like the contrast in form—and even playfulness—between the legs and the table tops, and how the geometric combination creates a beautiful and visually interesting result when different tables are combined.

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