Alarm Clock by Punkt

industrial design

The AC 01 alarm clock by Jasper Morrison, designed for electronics manufacturer Punkt, was envisioned as a no-nonsense item, reduced to its essentials. The purpose of this design is to reintroduce us to the traditional alarm clock and stir us away from using a cell phone as a waking devise. With this simple timepiece by our bedside there will be no fumbling around in the dark, no radiation, and no unwanted calls in the middle of the night.

Every part of AC 01 serves a specific purpose. Here is how Jasper Morrison describes his creation:

It's an alarm clock with a shape that I designed… … it sits slightly angled on an 'L' shaped aluminium extrusion, with the clock face set into a round hole. A rocker-switch, to set the alarm on and off, rotates around the mechanism, which sticks out of the back, and a small window below the 12 marker on the clock face indicates its status.

The clock's dial is protected by scratch-proof glass, the body is made from aluminium. The glow-in-the-dark hands and dial show time in complete darkness. Simple commands, intuitive use and uncomplicated fundamental functions - what more can we need from an alarm clock?..

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