Align Line

industrial design

I love to keep my desk organised and keep hold on my pencils, papers and other desk essentials. Align Line is an aluminium storage series by Kairi Eguchi that keep your belongings perfectly organised.

The design is modest and minimalist based on, clean, straight lines. It actually reminds me of some Pastoe furniture pieces. The set Eguchi has designed consists of a document rack, a pen tray, a card stand, utility stand and a slant plate. Eguchi aimed to facilitate smart and stylish desk use.

Align Line uses horizontal and vertical lines to provide discipline into our living space.

The pen tray, which you can easily mount on top of the document rack, can serve as a base to some of the other components. The upside thin grooves on both long sides allow to mount other parts, like the card stand, onto it. The card stand allows you to place business cards, or other types of cards, upright with a maximum of 9 cards. You can store your smartphone or glasses on the slant plate. Smaller objects like your USB drive and small papers you store in the utility stand. You just slide the small papers in through the groove to the tray underneath.

The Align Line components are available in a matt black or off-white colours.

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