Willmann Vase

industrial design

Glass and concrete are materials I believe make for a perfect combination. The Willmann Vase is that synergy that came out of those two materials. When calling it a synergy, it is literally made up of two separate parts. It's quite daring to inverse their weight aesthetically — for the upper portion is dominated by the heaviness of concrete and the lower holds the fragility of transparent glass. By doing so, the product gives off a sense of weightlessness, effortlessness, and of course, elegance. When fused together, they form a harmonization of femininity and masculinity, almost calming. When separated, they are still functional — the glass underneath turns into a cup and the concrete top, with its modest opening, transforms into an object with numerous usages.

This clever vase design was named after its author, Hanne Willmann. As an industrial designer based in Berlin, she constantly seeks new materiality combinations to articulate her work. The Willmann Vase, in my opinion, is the product that truly defines the minimalist in her.

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