All Black Edition


LEHFT’s All Black Edition piece combines all the elements of a well-manicured timepiece, all in good time. With the combination of Swiss-made Ronda movement innovation, Stainless Steel brushed PVD casing and a beautifully soft and subtly textured calf leather strap, this is a bold piece. Coined on a want to position themselves as LEHFT of centre, the brand’s philosophy comes from a place of pushing boundaries of current minimal watch offerings, playing on a mix of subtleties and competitive precision. Both admirable feats throughout the world of industrial design, in a piece worn as a reflection of individual style, literally on the wearer’s sleeve.

Designed in Melbourne, this team of passionate watchmakers is bringing their bold ambitions and love of beauty, through uniquely identifiable timepieces that stand proud of capturing the atypical. At 42mm in diameter and 8.5mm in thickness, the asymmetry of this design is unique to the world of watches, and aims to add a nuance to the restraint evidently purposed in this piece. Their aim is to make unisex timepieces that are unique in appearance, fashionable, and constructed with the finest quality materials, and that they most undeniably are.

All Black in name, all beauty in its execution; this black beauty crosses genders, is both delicate and bold, and its precision and nuanced design is to be ever so commended.

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