Fire Station


This minimal rose-tinted fire station is designed by Italian studio Pedevilla Architects for the little town of Vierschach in the region of South Tyrol, Italy.

Built at 1,130m above sea level from lightweight concrete, the design prioritises simplicity and durability. The functions are well organised, and to make a connection between the second level and the exterior, the architects designed spiral stairs that rise from the porch into the area above.

Inside, stone pine and native Loden wood were used to create a warm contrast to the concrete exterior, providing a welcoming atmosphere to the space, which doubles as a hall for local residents. The project offers a clear, compact structure. The red colour is a sign of the building’s function and underscores its independence, the architects explain.

I love the simplicity of this project. The strength of the concrete building becomes lighter through the beautiful use of the rose dye, resulting in suitably striking architecture.

Photography by Gustav Willeit.

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