industrial design

Made by Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken for the Italian lighting company Luceplan, Amisol is a very interesting suspension lamp design that blends aesthetic refinement with technological complexity. Rybakken explains the concept behind it and the solution reached:

The Amisol project is about making a pendant light that occupies a large physical space with a minimal physical volume. A translucent white film or a mirror membrane is stretched inside of a circular aluminium profile. Like a solar sail, an incredibly powerful light source projects a beam of light onto the large, almost weightless disk, either diffusing or reflecting the light.
Amisol is available in several dimensions and can be used within residential spaces, hotels, or restaurants, however we think it’s clear that this design can be appreciated far more in large open spaces. The two main elements are connected together with thin rods, and altering the length and the connecting points of the two supporting wires allows the user to rotate the disc, setting any angle the user or indeed the space requires.

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