Amred Clinic

Seoul, Korea
Project Mark
Yong Joon Choi

As the World’s Beauty Capital, Seoul is brimming with beauty salons and clinics. The fierce competition in response to international demands has created many advancements in the industry. Besides natural ingredients, many spaces have turned to technological aids to refine their services and enhance their products. With a futuristic vision, Amred Clinic aims to elevate the beauty experience through a spatial environment that is contemporary and sophisticated.

Designed by Project Mark, Amred Clinic is a bright space that uses curves as a cohesive architectural language. A tunnel of arching light strips leads you inside at the entrance, re-adjusting navigational senses for a monumental effect upon entering the reception. The geometric logo is magnified as LED screens to project a gentle flow of time, contrasting against outside activities hectically carried forth by the flow of life.

The eggshell palette complements industrial metal furnishes in the minimalist interior, fused together for a delicate warmth. Soft lights scatter across like stars, illuminating together with the mellow source of natural light. All the walls seem to be floating with a few-centimetre lift, conceiving a harmonious lightness throughout. They seem to be in dialogue with indentations atop the ceiling, which cast dim white light onto the curved moments below.

Passing through the reception is a series of care rooms, each catering to individual needs. As one progresses further into the space, the light gradually fades to imitate a sense of depth. Each room is coded with a lighting device, intriguing passerby. Inside each room is a tall bed waiting to be graced with one’s presence. Along the room, elegant finishes like low chairs and mirrors perfectly fit into their respective corners. These nuances create a clear design intention from the architects.

Amred, the reversed version of the word derma, metaphorically visualises time flowing backwards in the context of beauty. The interior of Amred Clinic expresses the rejuvenation process and the significance of time being stopped—for a moment of relaxation, escape, and composure.

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