Argument Vases

Anodised Aluminium
Silver, Rosé, Black, Dark Green
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Sharp edges and right angles, instead of soft flowing shapes, these vases—made by German and Berlin-based design studio, Argument—break with the usual typologies of its kind. An interplay of lines, surfaces, and volumes creates the illusion of intersecting individual bodies. Depending on the perspective, different distinctive silhouettes emerge. The anodised aluminium underlines a clear architectural character that contrasts and emphasises the natural variety of shapes.

Comprised of three individual flat modules stacked into each other, the vases make for a sculptural statement in any interior space. Although we are more drawn towards the all black and silver finishes of these vases, there are also dark green and rosé variants for those who prefer colours beyond the stems that sit within. The vases are available at one of our most loved online stores, analograum, which offers a wonderful selection of minimalist goods curated by Franziska Wernicke.

It is always interesting to read how studios like to describe their work. Some say as little as possible. Some are straight out of the marketing handbook, some look like they were written by a mediocre AI tool, and some read like that of an artist. Argument writes:

Convinced that design makes representational contributions to discourse, we think of objects as arguments. Our collection of furniture and everyday objects manifests essential characteristics of the present and seeks formal permanence. Conceptual consistency merges with stoic informality into a distinct appeal. While being part of interiors, all objects articulate their own microarchitectural space.

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