Athletics Holiday Chocolates

package design

Chocolate is one of those guilty pleasures which deserves a certain sophisticated packaging appearance. The chocolate bar design, created by the graphic designer Sabrina Nacmias for the brand Athletics, could quite rightly be described as a taste of minimalism.

The packaging and the whole branding represents the connection to the chocolate industry, offering a simplicity so that it could allow the focus to be placed on the taste of the product. These custom-made chocolate bars were created as a 2015 holiday gift for Athletics.

The three colours which were chosen for the project are black, grey and light grey. Carefully displayed, the logo of the brand is accompanied by the pattern of symbols which maintain the balance and does not make the packaging look too heavy.

I adore how the designer chose the right palette which also represents the different chocolate choices. The impact is strong and is made by using only a few, but very effective details. The chocolate bar and the packaging have the same pattern, demonstrating how cohesive this design is. Delicious.

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