Manu Bañó
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The OBJ-02 chair, designed by Manu Bañó, embodies the essence of minimalist design. This low lounge chair, crafted in 2021 as a limited edition of only 10 pieces, is a unique combination of brass and steel. Its design features brass tubes, each meticulously cut in half and independently bent to form the chair's back, seat, and legs. The brass is left unsealed, embracing the natural imperfections from its manufacture and handling. This choice imparts an organic quality to the chair, with darker areas visible where the tubes were heated during bending.

Over time, this chair is designed to evolve visually, as the brass ages and alters its appearance. Measuring 60cm in length, 100cm in width, and 60cm in height, the OBJ-02 is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of raw materials in furniture design.

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