Azabu Residence

Tokyo, Japan
Karimoku Case Study
Tomooki Kengaku

On a quiet street in Tokyo sits a home that surpasses standards for tranquility and beauty in residential design. Azabu Residence was designed by a team of minimal design experts from Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design: Frederik Werner, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Keiji Ashizawa, and Kenji Kawami. The team came together for its the fourth case study under the Japanese lifestyle brand, Karimoku Case Study, to design the dwelling holistically, where every aspect is so intertwined it feels impossible to imagine any piece without the rest. The interior architecture and furniture designs feature a muted colour palette, organic materials, and impeccable attention to detail throughout.

Azubu Residence is enveloped in warm shades of natural tans and browns. The aim for the home was to create a timeless design that combines Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. The walls are painted in a deep, affable shade of beige. The tonality is repeated on the furnishings, counters, light fixtures, and linens. Rich wood details weave throughout the home, appearing on the floors, walls, cabinetry, and furniture. The effect is a feeling that is both lightweight and grounded.

Charming details abound. In the living room, floating wall shelves display pottery and other artwork. Leafy greenery bring hints of colour to the space while keeping the vibe completely organic. Paper lantern style light fixtures reference Japanese design inspiration while adding texture to the entire room.

The layers of texture in the dwelling are expertly arranged. Soft, billowy curtains hang lightly from the ceiling, just brushing the strong hardwood floors. Linen bedding is backdropped by the prominent grain of the walnut wall panels.

The furniture, designed by Ashizawa Design is effortlessly coordinated with the interior architecture. Unsurprisingly, the collaboration between Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa has resulted in a seamless integration of the furniture and interior architecture. An especially lovely moment in the design is within the dining room: the combination of the dark wood walls, wooden table and chairs, and light woven rug, is gorgeous. The dream design team behind Azabu Residence has created a home that is the perfect blend of timeless design and chic sentiment. The dwelling feels warm and inviting, and most important of all, the ultimate tranquil retreat.

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