Beato Apartment


Located in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Beato is designed by architecture studio Arriba. This clean, light, and simple space is completely renovated due to its former lack of insulation, and inefficient space organisation. The Beato apartment was left completely open-plan in order to allow free circulation and natural light. The public and private spaces are delineated in two different zones with the kitchen being the central element. All surfaces are white and the floor is in light grey. This brings out the warm color of wooden furniture in a perfect balance of shades.

Through the international experience that the two founders José and Filipe have acquired in Zurich, São Paulo, Porto, and Lisbon, Arriba delivers the know-how and expertise of a bigger architecture firm, while guaranteeing the proximity that characterises a small-scale practice.

We’ve always admired apartments in old buildings like this, designed in a way that brightness, comfort, and practicality is achieved through a minimalist approach.

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