Brooke Holm

art & illustration

The curated and well positioned eye of photographer Brooke Holm, is one incredible talent. Her work is a body of architectural, interior, industrial and product design work, combined with a unique and incredibly beautiful collection of her own photography, capturing this incredible planet of ours. Currently based in New York, after spending considerable time in Melbourne, Australia, this California-born muse has been collaborating with the likes of some of Australia’s leading design and architectural creative talent. Her passion for her work, and a clarity of how she sees the work, is so distinctive, and ever so eloquent.

Featured are Holm’s projects Salt and Sky and Arctic, both insightfully captured and which both imbue a sense of calm that so often we don’t see, nor dare appreciate, that we live amongst. Impassioned by capturing these UNESCO sites — sites that are so vapidly under threat — her work also has an interesting musing, a statement that is subtle, yet coincides with the vast beauty of these sites. Her recent venturing to Greenland and Iceland, will also see some new work, which we highly anticipate. This changing planet and the importance for us to appreciate its magnificence is begging for an audience, and what better way to tell its story than Holm. We wait with baited optical breath for your coming work.

Photography courtesy of Brooke Holm.

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