LENO Arm Chair


British family-run furniture maker DEMARZO introduces its first design in the form of LENO. It features a 10mm sheet steel framework as the base structure of the collection followed by leather and fabric upholstery.

The sophisticated LENO Arm Chair offers a great deal in regards to comfort and discussion. It has taken over a year developing the aesthetics and ergonomics of the main framework’s shapes and angles, from originally working with wood to form the base structure, but then later switching to steel in order to achieve a thinner, more provocative design for a statement piece. DEMARZO explains:

When designing, we are always looking deep into the design world, at past creations and current design trends, but by completely removing ourselves from design, taking inspiration from nature and even music in order create designs of the future.
Firstly, the steel is lasered out of a full sheet where layers of the internal and external framework are welded together. The tubular base and backrests frame are then welded to sit inside the out frame layers. The seating upholstery is in three parts: base, back, and lower back cushion—all sit freely onto the steel framework below. The arm chair can also be disassembled to a flat pack state.

Future releases of the LENO collection will include a chaise lounge, ottoman, console, and coffee tables. Having produced an exceptionally well-designed chair, we're certainly excited to see this young brand grow and continue to deliver beautiful minimalism in the future.

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