Budnitz No.1

industrial design

The Budnitz No.1 by Budnitz Bicycles is a stunning urban bicycle designed to last a lifetime. The model No.1 has a titanium cantilever frame engineered to absorb road shock while providing lateral stiffness for power and speed.

I love the gentle curves! It gives the bicycle a classic appearance. The geometry makes the bicycle a relatively upright cycling position, which is ideal for navigating traffic during the high speed morning commute.

Not only are the frame and fork comprised of titanium; also the seatpost, stem and handlebars are made of this high value material. Paul Budnitz, founder of Budnitz Bicycles, not only prefers this metal for its light weight and durability, but also because of its unique ride characteristics and renewable aesthetic. The carbon, maintenance-free, belt drive ensures a smooth, quieter, cycling experience.

Budnitz — artist, designer, author, filmmaker & serial entrepreneur — wanted a bicycle that was fun to ride, elegant and timeless. Because he was not able to find a bicycle that matched his requirements, he decided to build his own. He even started a whole company to sell his vision of a perfect bicycle to others.

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