Bulthaup Cooking Table


When we think of minimalism, we tend to think of it as the outcome of economic reasons; aestheticism can be traded for functionalism. However, when these two opposite polars collide through a creative process, the result is extraordinary. One of such phenomenal products is the Bulthaup Cooking Table by Munich-based design firm Relvãokellermann, in cooperation with the Bulthaup design and engineering team.

Although this table was presented at the Eurocuccina back in 2014, its beauty is carried through time; we feel that it’s time to put it into the spotlight again. In my opinion, the most attractive feature of this table is its transformative quality, giving a multi-functional aspect to this marvellous design. With each function, the appearance is changed correspondingly. Sometimes, the peek of aluminium and concrete under the wooden exterior becomes apparent, engaging our eyes with the interplay of materials. When closed, the wooden slab is the only presence, supported by thin columns of metal. The futuristic feel steps back to allow a minimalistic industrial aesthetic to take over.

The Bulthaup Cooking Table is truly a work of art. According to the designers, it also places cooking at the centre of communication. That, alone, is a beauty within itself; we begin to see how design also affects social behaviours. Functions are not mere functions anymore, but they go beyond the scope to become something ambitious. Perhaps, that is why Bulthaup Cooking Table transcends the factor of time with its creative minimalism.

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