Lisa Perry Spring 17


It is no secret that New York-based designer Lisa Perry takes full advantage of her knowledge of art. Time and time again her collections bring to the table an overt influence from existing paintings and visual compositions. For the Spring 2017 collection she infuses the best facets of the minimalist era from painter Brice Marden. Geometry and primary colours take centre stage and the results are modish and elegant as ever.

Marden explored at the end of the 60’s and first half of the 70’s the so called monochrome panel, as the artist elected a limited colour pallet to showcase in a wide range of visual compositions. Perry doesn’t stray far behind in her homage to the artist. Handpicking one colour to dominate each garment, the secondary colour plays off as geometric details to great effect. Additionally, the designer manages to explore a variety of motifs from circles, from the restrained loose pink dress to a striking black and white dress featuring the classic trompe l’oeil collar.

Perry achieves great cohesiveness for a collection that dares to promote differing cuts and formats throughout. The minimalist sensibility permeates her Spring collection faultlessly, as light and gracious as can be.

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