Candela C-8 Polestar edition

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Candela, the prestigious Swedish electric boat manufacturer, has joined forces with Polestar to unveil the Candela C-8 Polestar edition, a luxurious foiling boat that redefines electric performance on both land and water.

The C-8 Polestar edition embodies these values with its sleek grey exterior, matched by lighter interior accents. A specially designed marine textile seat ensures comfort and durability, while computer-guided hydrofoils in iconic Polestar gold boost speed, range, and noise reduction when the boat takes flight on the water.

Polestar's collaboration extends beyond supplying charging components. The C-8 Polestar edition shares its battery with the Polestar 2, offering remarkable range and quiet power, whether on land or sea. This partnership symbolises a commitment to sustainable electric mobility, design, and innovation. Their collaboration isn't limited to technology; it extends to design, where Scandinavian minimalism meets efficient hull design and bold gold struts.

In a world where collaboration fuels sustainability, Polestar and Candela set an example by sharing knowledge, batteries, and design expertise. Together, they redefine electric boating's future, blending eco-friendliness and aesthetics with performance on the water.

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