Capsule Collection By Love Aesthetics


Practical. Functional. Minimal. These elements were what inspired Ivania Carpio, the multi-talented force behind Love Aesthetics to develop her own design collection with BlackBlessed's  Capsule Collection. With a sharp and clean aesthetic, the Pant-Skirt, the Jacket and the Bag, were results of Ivania's desire to make life work for her that exudes her personal style and lifestyle.

What I love about this collection is the intent behind each piece. All the elements are about the everyday life of running after a child, riding a bicycle, getting errands done, or just simply what you bring with you when you leave the house. Having a single bag designed to fit different needs for different occasions sounds more complicated that it actually needs to be and Ivania has a clever, minimalist solution with The Bag and its detachable straps that turns a clutch into a backpack.

The silhouette of her collection reminds one of Calvin Klein's sophistication and Acne's simple practicality. Yet with the comfort and functional ease of these pieces, Ivania's personal style of clean and minimal shines through. I, for one, am looking forward to her next collection of such beautiful, functional designs.

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