GN Apartment


The lovely and unassuming GN Apartment in Spain was designed by Barcelona-based firm Francesc Rifé Studio. In lieu of dividing walls, GN Apartment is divided into two modules: one houses the public, or "daytime" uses of the home, while the other contains the bedrooms and "nighttime" features. In addition to the typical kitchen and bedrooms, GN Apartment contains a lounge and a library.

Pinewood floors unite the various areas of the dwelling and provide warmth throughout. The pine is beautifully contrasted against the white walls, furniture, and ceramic tiling. Painted black walls in key locations add a dramatic flair. The furnishings are comfortable—perfect for a family—and all outfitted in a palette of whites and greys. Lighting in GN Apartment ranges from filtered natural light to glowing, ambient light, which is beautifully demonstrated in the bedrooms. Each space is perfectly illuminated to suit its needs.

My favourite room in GN Apartment is the lounge. In this room the wooden floors step up to form benches, enclosing a small, cozy area. A sculptural fireplace stands in the centre, drawing its users towards it and towards each other.

Photography by David Zarzoso.

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