Carbon Chair


Carbon fibre is becoming more popular among furniture designers these days. Thomas Feichtner, a Vienna based internationally recognised industrial designer, worked with the material for the first time and created the Carbon Chair as an experiment. The result is a sculptural, black, lounge chair made in a limited edition of just eight pieces.

The Carbon Chair is made if a sheet of carbon fibre that contacts the floor at three points. The seating, gently sloped to help the user slide into the back corner, is triangular shaped and has a two-sided backrest. Feichtner explains:

I wanted to find different angles, proportions and lengths without repetition or symmetry. I wanted to create a chair that was only possible in this material. I was absolutely fascinated by the lightness of it.

The carbon sheet was made of strands of carbon woven in two directions. The pattern is simple and I like it that way. The clean lines and interplay of inner and outer surfaces make me enthusiastic. The interplay of surfaces is a theme that runs through any of Feichtner's works.

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