FU House


Located in the Japanese city of Shunan, FU House is a striking project by Kubota Architect Atelier; known for their penchant for absolute geometry, and a masterful manipulation of concrete and glass as a duo. Continuing their successful path, the project in hand focus on privacy as a distinguishing factor.

With that in mind, the outer façade offers undeniable concealment without sacrificing personality. The concrete gains a lightweight feel as both walls float, each structured by thin white surfaces. From there on out, the main room adopts an open plan in opposition to the austere outer shell. It is all about amplitude and breadth, as the garage, kitchen the living room merges with ease. Last but not least, the shallow reflecting pool serves as an outstanding visual accessory.

Kubota's craft is easily recognisable, as their daring minimalism constantly play with perception and the limits of their three elected materials. The potential of concrete, glass and the colour white are constantly being challenged to explore unusual direction, without ever sacrificing elegance.

Photography by Kenji Masunaga.

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