A project of passion, YUL’s collection of impeccably designed Carryalls, are the things of an architect and designers’ dream. Quite literally. Cece, the designer and mastermind behind the inception, is an architect herself, and wanted a way to transport architectural drawings, renders and digital presentation material that didn’t then depreciate the exhausted and laboured process of getting to that point. In a response to the current market offerings of plastic, utilitarian and rigid forms, Cece saw an opportunity. And we are all very thankful she did.

The collection sees a series of portfolios, satchels, tubes and bags that are incredibly well curated, considered and detailed. Excitingly, the launch of the Tote and the Etui II, see beautifully refined additions. They are an extension of the designer, in every way. Hailing from Montreal, Cece connected to her roots by collaborating with makers who share her passion, using Montreal made leather and working tirelessly. There is a beauty in the way that the leather has been shaped to formally, but retains its original veining. Combined with the tried-and-tested mechanisms of minimal closings and folding techniques, these Carryalls are so incredibly clever. Hats off YUL, stunning work.

Photography courtesy of Chloe Craneleroux and Kent Rogowski.

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