Base Station

industrial design

Nomad’s Base Station is the ultimate in handsome accruements. In amongst all the hyper-connectivity and ease that technology has afforded our lives, the issue of keeping those aids charged and able however, usually takes the form of a tangled, multi-corded mess of frustration. Aiming to change that—through all of their product offerings—Nomad sees their role as makers to enhance the ease of how we connect to essentials. This enhancement takes form not only through its functionality, but also through the considered and timeless aesthetics of their designs.

Base Station has the ability to charge up to four devices at the same time, while also being padded in a beautifully crafted leather wireless charging surface. Adding to this, the illuminated elements also dim at night, for ambience. Comprised of a black aluminium chassis frame, together with black leather, this station allows for a seamless integration into the workplace or home. Most importantly, this device allows for said charging to be facilitated without copious wires.

With an attuned eye for detail articulation and a passion to match, Nomad is one to watch. Their shared minimalist philosophy of believing in owning less, enhancing resourcefulness, and seeking adventure, these are all ideals we can assign.

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