Casa Amalia


Located in the island of Formentera in Spain and designed by architect Marià Castelló, Casa Amalia is a reformation project of an existing building originally constructed at the early 70s. The refurbishment was carried out between 2008 and 2010 and the main architectural concept was that of creating a contemporary version of the local architecture while introducing fluid and open spaces in the interiors.

No building interventions were made except that of a perimeter foundation that redefines the way the building contacts with the ground. This platform not only protects the house from the water runoff but also separates the house from the natural terrain giving shape to the terraces-viewpoint.

The limited use of materials and colours and the simple, geometrical volumes help achieve an attractive and sophisticated mix of the various phases of the building and create serene and elegant interiors. I don’t need more!

Photography courtesy of Estudi EPDSE

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