JATA Logistics + Auxiliary


This Logistics and Auxiliary Services centre was designed for JATA, a manufacturer of household appliances. Designed by José Miguel García Pérez, the new centre houses production lines, a laboratory, and administrative areas. The building was designed to reflect the philosophy of the forward-thinking appliance brand.

The façade is decorated with a repetitive pattern of concrete panels and glass windows. The angled forms add visual interest to the exterior while providing a perfect plane for the sun to hit. Upon entry, one is greeted by a double height space with a unique grand staircase. The white staircase is the centrepiece of the room and provides a nice contrast to the strict shapes of the façade. The interior spaces are all naturally illuminated by skylights and the openings in the exterior structure.

It is not often you see a structure of such architectural value housing manufacturing services. This space establishes the brand as one that cares about beauty as much as their bottom line.

Photography by José Manuel Cutillas.

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