Casa das Mudas


A beautiful extension of a pastoral cliff on the coast of Madeira, Portugal; an eclectic museum sports a beautiful façade made of dark stones. The transition would be seamless if not for the absolute geometric forms emerging from the ground up. Casa das Mudas is a striking visual intervention offering a home for cultural activities but, also, a perfect place for contemplation for the timely visitors.

Architect Paulo David masterfully created a labyrinth-like dynamic with tunnels and singular volumes. As the program directs the visuals for the seaside view and demands exploration, this puts the visitor into the role of voyager as he discovers what the building has to offer. Housing a myriad of classic and contemporary art, as well as locations for teaching; it's a celebration of creative process and visuals from the past and looking towards the future.

From the underlying forces of the program to the organic garden spread around and on top of the building, the outer shell demands to be the visual protagonist alongside the art housed inside. Stunning photography by Nuno Andrade exalts the project further into minimalism; with an unusual pairing of gradient colours with stark angles and simple lines.

Taking the geometric compositions to new heights, each photo manages to tackle head on the hint of constant surprise all the while celebrating the nature around the cultural centre. Bravo!

Photography by Nuno Andrade.

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