Tiny Holiday House


Located in the region south of Amsterdam, in Vinkeveen, is a quaint but inviting small dwelling measuring no more than 55m². Designed by i29 Interior Architects, Tiny Holiday House is a case study in efficiency and how a minimalist stance can have great influence.

Set on on an elongated island plot close to the lake, four volumes were carefully placed aiming to offer a panoramic view of each direction. The result is a gorgeous interplay of light and shadow throughout the day. As each volume merges the inside living with the outside, aided by ample sliding doors and windows, the freedom of movement on the inside and the surrounding landscape as a visual feature creates a greater sense of amplitude. A welcome manoeuvre considering such compact space, originally planned for a family of four.

The façade showcases a striking dark tone, featuring stained pinewood with black lines that is juxtaposed to the surrounding flora. On the inside, natural oak wooden panels were customized as furniture to make the most of each volume. The architects designed distinct floor plans for each section, making the transition from each one closer to a narrative; as the social area slowly unravels towards absolute privacy.

The minimalist program is clearly instilled on the outer shell, as well through the bespoke interior design; via an elegant geometric aesthetic ever present in all spaces. Tiny Holiday House is an undeniable celebration of contemporary modernism.

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