House on the Cliff


The beautiful Casa del Acantilado (House on the Cliff) is located on a cliff in Alicante, Spain. Designed by Spanish studio Fran Silvestre Arquitecto, the centerpiece of this residence is an long cantilever that stretches towards the Balearic Sea. One side of the white-washed home is nestled along the cliff, while the other reaches away from the rocky setting. The structure is made from concrete, yet the concrete has been coated in stucco for a sleek, clean look. The living rooms and bedrooms are on the upper story, while the kitchen, pool, and terrace are located on the ground floor.

This stunning home celebrates its ideal location, yet it does not seek to merge into it. The monolithic structure manages to appear separate from the site, so that it can be appreciated like a sculpture in a gallery. Yet the sharp edges and bright white color of the home contrast with the surroundings; allowing the rocky landscape to become part of Fran Silvestre Arquitecto's gorgeous sculpture. I am obsessed with architecture which seeks to blur the boundaries between functional building and artistic object. The Casa del Acantildo is a perfect example of architecture as art.

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