Casa H71


Casa H71 is a beautiful minimal house located in Madrid, designed by Lucas y Hernández-Gil.

This apartment of 200m2 is set on a borderline between the museum area of Paseo del Prado and the Barrio de las Letras, a model of the ancient city. The building, made by Gutierrez Soto in the 50’s, is one of the first examples of concrete structure in a residential building in the Spanish capital.

The architects were keen on maintaining a perfect balance between home and art gallery. Even the furniture and lighting pieces reflect this nature creating a unique space that highlights the creativity of each piece like a work of art.

Casa H71 is dressed in cheerful colours and elegant materials. The white, neutral colour is carried throughout in the interior but always accompanied by delicate strokes of colour such as green, red, or black. The materials and palette used by the designers have been really well considered, featuring warm wood, white marble, and grey flooring for the kitchen complimented by white for the shelving units. These are elegant and cozy materials that dress the spaces of the house beautifully.

I love this house because it brings together the concrete structure, natural light, and the colours from the art pieces in a unique example of purity and elegance.

Photography by José Hevia.

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