Casa Sulla Morella


Located in Castelnovo di Sotto, north of Italy, architect Andrea Oliva has designed the minimalist Casa Sulla Morella, situated within a landscape characterised by channels, ditches, rows, shrubby stains, gardens, villas and agricultural houses.

The residence is defined by its relationship with the road and as an integral part of the landscape—achieved through the enhancement of internal and external viewpoints and through the interaction between solids and voids (porches and windows). The relationships between architecture and landscape, closeness and distance, public and private and the observer and the observatory are also well considered.

The structure features portant walls (smaller presence of thermal bridges), consisting of bricks with pores, of 38cm, coupled to a layer of coat insulator on the external side of 10cm. The attics are made of tiles and concrete with riddles in reinforced concrete, and the windows are in plywood with low emissive glass and gas argon. The heat system is constituted by radiant panels feeded by a low condensation boiler while the sanitary warm water is integrated from solar panels, allowing a reduction of the consumption through several controls to achieve more efficient usage.

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