Casa W


Designed by the Chilean architecture studio 01Arq, Casa W sits in the windy seaside town of Huentelauquén. The house has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, living and dining room and a set of courtyards. The proposal addresses the main demands of creating spaces protected from the winds and staying within the predetermined budget.

The house was situated parallel to the seafront, facing west. Common areas are to the south, with privileged views, integrating kitchen, dining and living rooms. Most of the façades are composed by a wrap-around wall built in vertical planks of pine wood, which allows for the articulation of a series of intermediate spaces and visually controls any future neighboring constructions. These inner courtyards reference the need to contain the predominant wind of the area - one expands the common areas and the other provides a safe environment for the family's leisure.

Predominantly built in wood, glass and stone, this transparent house salutes the classic mid-century modernism of Mies Van Der Rohe and Philip Jonhson, while remaining fresh and elegant in the style of contemporary Chilean architecture, transpiring peace and quiet and long sun-bathed hours. I love it.

Photography by Aryeh Kornfeld and Mauricio Fuertes.

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