Chieut Table


Minimalism can be routinely associated with abstraction and heaviness, an understandable marque considering the austereness of most works with said label; in contrast, talented designers like Seung Jun Jeong inhabits the other side of the spectrum, with utter lightness and visual trickery as his approach.

Undeniable technical precision sets the Chieut Table apart as a quintessential minimalist industrial design project. Uniting simple and thin steel pipes as the foundation, the balancing act starts to unravel before our eyes; an oval steel sheet, just as nimble as its base, sits off-balance pompously unlike most classic tables. The designer borrows the Japanese prerogative, of reduction and simplicity, resulting in extreme elegance and charm.

Chieut (ㅊ) was, literally, the main inspiration behind it all, as a fearless pictorial translation of the Korean word to a sophisticated table; thus highlighting another possible facet of minimalism, denying abstraction as a result and welcoming figurative visual representation. Who said minimalism should be predictable?

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