Caulfield House


The lovely Caufield House is a modern home in Melbourne, Australia. Designed by Australia-based design firm Pipkorn Kilpatrick, this dwelling is a renovation of an existing home. The refreshed Caufield House benefited from a full interiors renovation, new windows, and a minor expansion.

Inspired by art deco, Caufield House is bright and inviting with large windows, crisp angles, and a warm colour palette. On the ground floor, the great room holds the kitchen, living, and dining areas. One of the main features of the home is the oversized, black-framed window to the backyard. The two-pieced window makes a statement with the bold shape, and the double-height size invites the outdoors in. The soft wood tone of the floor compliments the clean architecture of the interior. In the kitchen, a statement marble backsplash shines against white cabinets and stainless fixtures. Dark accessories contrast beautifully against the light finishes.

The bedrooms continue the theme of clean lines but bring even more warmth into the spaces. Soft wood furnishings mingle with neutral linens for a feeling of complete coziness. Built-in cabinets and shelving provide plenty of storage, allowing the art and accessories in each room to really shine. In the master bedroom, a particularly architectural fireplace takes centre stage.

Caufield House is a perfect blend of modern design and personal touches. This sleek timeless dwelling is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

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