Retiré Athénien

Athens, Greece
Agis Mourelatos Architects
Ioanna Diamanti
Structural Engineering
Kyriakos Lourantos
George Fatseas
Yiorgis Yerolymbos

This residential project, designed by Agis Mourelatos Architects, took a top floor flat on the 13th level of an Athenian Polykatoikia, transforming it from a three-bedroom layout into an open floor plan that encourages bonding and communication. They even converted a separate guest house into an office.

To make it all happen, the construction crew started by removing all the existing walls to create a seamless environment. In the centre of the new layout, there's a standout metal enclosure. This important element not only serves as a hub for the kitchen and bathrooms but also incorporates some of the original 1970s building's structure. Everything from living and dining to sleeping and dressing revolves around this central feature.

The open plan design makes use of plenty of glazed windows on all sides, blurring the lines between inside and outside. No matter where you stand in the flat, you'll get a 360-degree view of the city and its unique Athenian landscape.

To connect the inside and outside even more, they used the same Terrazzo flooring in both spaces, and custom architectural elements seamlessly bridge the gap. The carbon-fibre dining table inside also serves as an outdoor cooking space, perfect for barbecues. And to shield from the intense sun, a new metal canopy was added to extend the outdoor areas.

This architectural intervention by Agis Mourelatos Architects has given this Athenian penthouse apartment a new look and feel, stripping it down to a state of emptiness and creating a whole new way of living.

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