Cavo Tagoo Hotel


Cavo Tagoo hotel is located in Mykonos Island in Greece and it is owned by an award-winning architect Paris Liakos. Cavo Tagoo  strives to be "a canvas upon which visitors can color their dreams" and it has deservedly gained its 5-star status through minimal and sophisticated design.

A sense of craft and luxury is visible in all areas of the hotel while the water is still very much the setting element that embraces the hotel. Other defining materials are pebbles that cover the roofs, wood, stone, and bamboo. The interiors are wrapped in washes of white with bold splashes of colors, gold in the lobby being my favorite. Paris Liakos collaborated with Aggelos Aggelopoulos, Yannis Mourikis and George Gavalas and as a result, the hotel is a "masterful combination of traditional rustic elements with modern minimalist purity."

I am a big fan of hospitality design and admire Cavo Tagoo's essence of calming environment and curated design decisions.

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